About 1in2 Zakka

1 in 2Zakka Store is part of the Taiwan Fountain Pen Alliance with over 20 independent stationery store partners. We specialize in Fountain Pen, Ink, Paper Goods, Art Supplies and Taiwan artists ‘products. Established in June 2017, we first ran our store in Shatin. A year later we relocate to Manning Industrial Building in Kwun Tong, which is few-minute walks form MTR station and APM department stores.

  1. 1 in 2 Zakka opens randomly and by reservation only, please refer to the latest announcement on Facebook. For the closing day, our website 1in2zakka.com, always welcomes you. All prices are marked in Hong Kong Dollars.
    2. Our stationery goods are all from Taiwan in which keep restocking every week. Sometimes it may delay for different reasons. But we will contact our customer upon arrival immediately for delivery.
    3. Our pricing aligns with Taiwan’s. The shipping cost from Taiwan to Hong Kong is shouldered by us, but the customers have to bear the local delivery fee and international shipping cost(and Paypal service charge if necessary)
    4. If you spot some nice good fountain pens from https://www.facebook.com/pen88tw, please send us an inbox message for price and stock.
    5. For ordering goods, we have to first receive your payment if the goods is ready in Taiwan. We will contact you immediately when it arrives. We accept HSBC Bank Transfer and Paypal(5% charge will be imposed and born by customers for Paypal). We only accept cash when shop opens.
    6. Pick-up Arrangement: We offer Pick-up service in Taiwai sometimes, pls always refer to Facebook Page for latest updates.
    7. Local Delivery: We use SF Express only, pls let us know the code of SF Shop or SF Locker when you place an order. The postal fee is around HK$15-$28, depends on the volume and weight. We usually send out on Saturday.
    8. Worldwide Shipping: We use E-express offered by Hong Kong Post, for details pls refer to https://1in2zakka.com/2017/11/01/we-ship-worldwide/
    9. The Facebook posts are all written by Xenia, while Katy replies inbox messages. Since we are packed by our full-time job and study, we only reply at night.
    10. Shopping Procedure: Place order at 1in2zakka.com, if it’s “Available on backorder”, it means it’s out of stock at the moment but will be restocking soon. Please be assured you have fill in your correct email address and postal code(if any). You will receive an email for the receipt and details of bank transfer. Please send us the bank-in record via Facebook Inbox for our logistics arrangement. For overseas shipping, pls always text us via Inbox for the shipping cost and Paypal details.
    11. For mainland customers, pls place order at Taobao ship (pls follow weibo 1in2ZakkaChina) The stationery goods will be sent direct from Shenzhen, which it takes 2-3weeks for stock arrangement and transfer.
    12. For logistics arrangement, Xenia will pack the goods when we receive orders and responsible for SF delivery and Taiwai Pick-up(and the overseas shipping). Pick-up service in Central is arranged by Katy, kindly note that you have to settle all payment 3 days prior to pick-up.
    13. Please follow the facebooks of independent stores of our Alliance. They are all great stationery lovers and keep sharing good stationery.
    14. It’s the dream of Xenia and Katy to run a stationery store but we only work on part-time basis. We have full-time jobs during the weekdays. It’s not easy but we are striking for a balance.

The following Taiwan artists are our working partners:

My Green Green Island 青青的島 
La dolce vita 甜蜜生活
LCN Studio (Lin Chia Ning 吉。and Camouflage More迷彩摩爾)
OURS Projects (Hank and Koopa) OURS 森林好朋友
Little Thing 小代誌 
Bu la bu la布製所
M.Seed 手作皮革 
小島匠所‧ Evakaku
Mumu union
BirdThings 鳥事
Polly on the Terrace露台上的波麗


時分印刷 (凸版印刷)Teleport Press Letterpress Production

P.S. Everyone has a dream. Every stationery lover and zakka lover would dream of running their own zakka store.  In recent years, many cosy stores open in Taiwan.  My fondness of cosy stores also has something to do with the atmosphere there.  Although chain stores are big and grand, they are always a boiling cauldron of voices and hard to stay long.  The small stores are different, they are small but with a big treasure.  I once told myself, a dream is just a dream, we don’t need to make it come true.  However another voice comes, one day I must fulfill my wish of having my own zakka store with my favourite selections.

The chance just comes in tim, the idea of 1 in 2 Zakka becomes clearer and clearer which a zakka store with two-way street communications.  A single piece of stationery could be used and presented in more than one way.  The operation of 1 in 2 Zakka is different from the traditional one: an online shop on weekdays, a physical shop during the weekend.

1 in 2 Zakka first opened in Tin Sam Tsuen of Taiwai in mid-2017. It’s filled with stationery love in this tiny space and we got to know many Friends of 1 in 2 Zakka.  One year later we moved to Manning Industrial Building in Kwun Tong, which is few minutes’ walk from MTR station. We hope 1 in 2 Zakka Store is not just a buy-and-sell trading platform, but a place to spread out the love of stationery and zakka and attract more people to be in this unique community.